Friday, September 14, 2007

Twenty20 @ TRG Canteen

Asif Rocks!

Today is the Twenty20 match of arch-rivals Pakistan and India and India are right now 48 for four wickets gone at 9.2 overs, Uthappa from India just hitted a six. People from the campaign floor and even the IT support guys are here at the canteen enjoying the match. While enjoying the match I had a chat with Shadab baji *another six by the same batsmen to Yasir Hameed*. I'm sitting here with my laptop over my lap and connected through wireless lan of TRG Finance area! ;) By the way Nadeem's bringing kernel pop cheese flavor and we gotta enjoy them in a while.

I wish Afridi plays and stays couple of overs atleast and shows some Firecrackers!

At the end its not Asif, Afridi or anyone else, its just Pakistan that Rocks!

Pakistan Zindabad!!


*Sadly enough, by the time i\ve ended this post, rain has interrupted match proceedings... sad!*

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day at TRG

Just went through my last post 'Guilt'.

Well, I've got a job at The Resource Group, TRG, in the Software Services Group. Its all regarding SQL. Got this job through my cousin Afaq Ali's reference. I've more than a couple of acquaintances and friends here so I didn't take time to get starting here, and surprisingly, Salman Anjaria (Salman Ahmed Anjaria) had to give a treat on receiving his big payment from TRG the same day. The only weird thing was that I reached here at 9:19 in the morning and people start coming at nearly 12... :)

The other thing that can be felt weird by anyone was me sitting 16 hours at the office on my first day, but I don't find it weird at all! The day ended with the dinner at BBQ Tonight and the photo sessions there.

It was a real good day. And, albeit the guilt of learning is still there, but a lot has been removed off my head and heart by getting a job at TRG. Thanks to Allah mian for making arrangements that I couldn't imagine.

...Microfresh system! ...I guess I gotta write another guilt post! :s