Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hello Library!

Light went out at the University due to a transformer blast near the Central Library of the University of Karachi, named Dr. Mahmood Hussain Library. It caused me to leave Web House and from Administration building I reached Centre for Molecular Genetics to meet Dr. Nuzhat but she wasn't there, obviously it was lunch time and I was just giving a dumb try to check out if she was there or not. Well, once found that she wasn't there I planned to go there to the Digital Library and thought to read something which would help me in my Final Year project. My tummy cried and I took lunch from the nearby canteen which is just opposite to the PCMD building. Chanay ki daal and roti was really delicious and then having myself satisfied left for the Digital Library. People here, as all others, have no library ethics and are chatting in loud noise (they ought to watch Mr. Bean in the Library clip). Although I told my mother that I'm coming home, but I guess as always I've changed my mind after talking to her and now I'm here.

Here I am, sitting in a library which has air conditioners saving me from the scorching heat, and outside, or even at my home, people, including my mother, are working hard in this extremely hot weather which is nearly unbareable and that too in absence of electricity. If I am handed over the seat of a judge, I will stay ashamed of myself.

So I'm back to studying; thats what I, and all of us who are sitting in this library, ought to do.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A memorable night

I was tired and didn't feel like going to the Milad (ceremony to celebrate the birthday of Holy Prophet Mohammed P. B. U. H. or any of the twelve Imams)which Hadi invited me to, but then Bhaijan called and asked if I was coming or not, he said its up to you whether to come or not, so in a couple of minutes I decided to go there as I have not attended much or any Milads this year. So I went there, and I did not expect Islamic Scholar Hasan Zafar to be there. I found my place inside the hall of the venue which was Imambargah Zainul Aabideen at Nagan Chowrangi, North Karachi. After a couple of poets, Mehshar Lakhnavi came to deliver his poetry in praise of the Masoomeen (a.s.) and I really enjoyed the poetry. It was on the base of the famous Arabic poetry "Hasonat Dujabay Jamalehi" and Mr. Mehshar Lakhnavi did it in a very attractive way. It was like making a necklace after the selecting the finest ones from a bag of very worthy stones!

After him, came Hasan Zafar whom I always has seen as speeching at the Mosque of Babul Ilm Nazimabad in the 10-day Majlis held at 9 p.m. But this time, to every one's surprise, he started off as a poet, and that too in rhythm. The poetry was astonishingly attractive and praise-worthy and so was his style of deliverance! My brother and sister must have regretted going back home soon as they both are somehow fans of Hasan Zafar.

After him came a guest poet from India and he really delivered praise deserving content.

It was late in night and thus I reached home with an acquaintance who lives next to my lane on motorbike.

After so many days of dispersed thoughts, this night came to me as memorable one.

I'll try uploading the video of Hasan Zafar delivering his poetry and embed it to my post as soon as I get it.