Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Killed

Benazir Bhutto, a leading politician of my country Pakistan was assasinated in Rawalpindi today, the sister city of Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, today. Right after the event, chaos took over everybody's mind and people packed and rushed for home. When we decided to leave we encountered complete traffic jam and heard of firings and vehicle burn-out, hence we did not leave. Nadeem Elahi, the Country Manager TRG Pakistan, asked us to stay here until things get better on the roads.

Its weird, chaotic, confusing, and obviously devastating. All this is not because we all loved Benazir Bhutto, but because things will get worse in the city as Karachi is in the province of Sindh which is the heart of Pakistan People's Party (PPP); Bhutto's party.

I just read a message that arrived to me from someone, and felt funny, the message was: "Benazir died, be careful." What am I to do with Benazir? This is an obvious question, but the obvious answer is Chaos!

Well, lets see what happens now. I hope things remain better.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How I got this job

(I am not 100% certain of how it happened, so please keep in mind the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle while reading my opinion, but I have a firm believe or rather 100% sure that it was all from God)

I did not know either to apply at this place or not, TRG placed ADs in the newspaper but i was not sure if non pass outs were allowed or not. Nadeem applied there and got the job, i got to know this from my cousin Afaq who works in TRG ads well, and then my brother pushed me forward to apply for this job. Could have i applied for this job in case bhayan would have not pushed me for it? i do not realy know, maybe after hearing about nadeem i would have applied, but i still don't know. maybe i wouldn't have had applied at that place if my brother would have not pushed me for it.

But after he and my sister pushed me for it I applied and got the job, I also got the interview cleared due to him and due to a friend who asked me to make a project which made me capable of learning the technologies (C# and SQL Server). Plus, the interviewer, Shoaib Shakoor, took a little and easy interview, and Rahim even after knowing about my bad GPA gave me a chance to give the test again and score more. So things kind of worked out for me without much of my interruptions.
This is also known as luck. And i am thankful to Allah for it.
But this luck wouldn't have worked out if i had not got the chances of learning technologies, for which I am thankful to my brother Syed Yousuf Ali and one of my friends at the University.

There are two things more, though I don't know if the first of them is completely valid or not, but i feel them to be true, they are that if you want something from the core of your heart, with hope, you get it. Second thing, is not losing faith. Keep faith in Allah, ask Him to get you a job, and be pure from the heart.

Keep thinking, keep searching and keep your faith intact, and hope alive.

May God Bless All of Us.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Kitchen, As I See It

There are a few kitchen that we, people on job, interact with. They are, the Home Kitchen, the Office Kitchen and your friend's kitchen where you go at times. I like a friend's kitchen, because there is NO restrictions as such over anything, provided that there are things present in the kitchen. The office kitchen is a good place too, when you need a rendezvous from work to eat, but the only problem there is the wallet which cries for mercy, hence putting a hold on the unplanned and mad eating attitude.

The home kitchen ('Home Sweet Home Kitchen') is the place where we all love to go, but not on odd times, that is not when Mum's busy cooking and it seems that it will take an hour or so for the food to be served. There is one more thing related to the home kitchen, that YOU NEED TO BE AT HOME!!!

Eating a whole jar of peanut butter found from a friend's kitchen is what I like the best from a friend's kitchen (though there are things more to it, like eating a bowl full of salan without any roti).

From the old office, I like Green Tea made by Mäma (the maid) but I don't get in touch with that kitchen now as it is in the company which I worked for earlier, not now. This old company's kitchen had real homey touches, we could even cook food there, and Mäma used to give us opinions about either our lunch boxes had fresh food or either was it stale. Precisely, it was a loveable kitchen.

The company where I am working these days, has a kitchen which is not homey at all, it has no stove to cook, it has food on selected times, and there is no Mäma to give you green tea, in fact, there is no green tea available here, and if you want to have some tea, you have to make it yourself which, most of the times, is not very good.

Now comes the Home Sweet home kitchen. Eat; As you like! As much you like (or as much is available). You can order, or make it on your own. It is the best kitchen in the world!!!

i remember a quote of Imam Ali (a.s.) : "Hunger of the poor is only caused by the pleasure seeking of the rich, and Allah, the exalted, will question them about this."

Lets put a break to the consumerism that is getting into us more and more deep, making us reach out for sandwiches worthing more than 120 Rs (i.e. more than 2 $) whereas the samething is available for under 50 rupees (less than 1 $).

Friday, September 14, 2007

Twenty20 @ TRG Canteen

Asif Rocks!

Today is the Twenty20 match of arch-rivals Pakistan and India and India are right now 48 for four wickets gone at 9.2 overs, Uthappa from India just hitted a six. People from the campaign floor and even the IT support guys are here at the canteen enjoying the match. While enjoying the match I had a chat with Shadab baji *another six by the same batsmen to Yasir Hameed*. I'm sitting here with my laptop over my lap and connected through wireless lan of TRG Finance area! ;) By the way Nadeem's bringing kernel pop cheese flavor and we gotta enjoy them in a while.

I wish Afridi plays and stays couple of overs atleast and shows some Firecrackers!

At the end its not Asif, Afridi or anyone else, its just Pakistan that Rocks!

Pakistan Zindabad!!


*Sadly enough, by the time i\ve ended this post, rain has interrupted match proceedings... sad!*

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day at TRG

Just went through my last post 'Guilt'.

Well, I've got a job at The Resource Group, TRG, in the Software Services Group. Its all regarding SQL. Got this job through my cousin Afaq Ali's reference. I've more than a couple of acquaintances and friends here so I didn't take time to get starting here, and surprisingly, Salman Anjaria (Salman Ahmed Anjaria) had to give a treat on receiving his big payment from TRG the same day. The only weird thing was that I reached here at 9:19 in the morning and people start coming at nearly 12... :)

The other thing that can be felt weird by anyone was me sitting 16 hours at the office on my first day, but I don't find it weird at all! The day ended with the dinner at BBQ Tonight and the photo sessions there.

It was a real good day. And, albeit the guilt of learning is still there, but a lot has been removed off my head and heart by getting a job at TRG. Thanks to Allah mian for making arrangements that I couldn't imagine.

...Microfresh system! ...I guess I gotta write another guilt post! :s

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


After nearly four years of study, what have I learnt?

This is the guilt that has been making me feel awkward in my own eyes(severely). I've made a real life project for a new company, but still I know and feel that I know nothing. And I don't want to live with this guilt, so I am trying to get off with it and so am I here at the library to study.

Today: C# Patterns.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hello Library!

Light went out at the University due to a transformer blast near the Central Library of the University of Karachi, named Dr. Mahmood Hussain Library. It caused me to leave Web House and from Administration building I reached Centre for Molecular Genetics to meet Dr. Nuzhat but she wasn't there, obviously it was lunch time and I was just giving a dumb try to check out if she was there or not. Well, once found that she wasn't there I planned to go there to the Digital Library and thought to read something which would help me in my Final Year project. My tummy cried and I took lunch from the nearby canteen which is just opposite to the PCMD building. Chanay ki daal and roti was really delicious and then having myself satisfied left for the Digital Library. People here, as all others, have no library ethics and are chatting in loud noise (they ought to watch Mr. Bean in the Library clip). Although I told my mother that I'm coming home, but I guess as always I've changed my mind after talking to her and now I'm here.

Here I am, sitting in a library which has air conditioners saving me from the scorching heat, and outside, or even at my home, people, including my mother, are working hard in this extremely hot weather which is nearly unbareable and that too in absence of electricity. If I am handed over the seat of a judge, I will stay ashamed of myself.

So I'm back to studying; thats what I, and all of us who are sitting in this library, ought to do.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A memorable night

I was tired and didn't feel like going to the Milad (ceremony to celebrate the birthday of Holy Prophet Mohammed P. B. U. H. or any of the twelve Imams)which Hadi invited me to, but then Bhaijan called and asked if I was coming or not, he said its up to you whether to come or not, so in a couple of minutes I decided to go there as I have not attended much or any Milads this year. So I went there, and I did not expect Islamic Scholar Hasan Zafar to be there. I found my place inside the hall of the venue which was Imambargah Zainul Aabideen at Nagan Chowrangi, North Karachi. After a couple of poets, Mehshar Lakhnavi came to deliver his poetry in praise of the Masoomeen (a.s.) and I really enjoyed the poetry. It was on the base of the famous Arabic poetry "Hasonat Dujabay Jamalehi" and Mr. Mehshar Lakhnavi did it in a very attractive way. It was like making a necklace after the selecting the finest ones from a bag of very worthy stones!

After him, came Hasan Zafar whom I always has seen as speeching at the Mosque of Babul Ilm Nazimabad in the 10-day Majlis held at 9 p.m. But this time, to every one's surprise, he started off as a poet, and that too in rhythm. The poetry was astonishingly attractive and praise-worthy and so was his style of deliverance! My brother and sister must have regretted going back home soon as they both are somehow fans of Hasan Zafar.

After him came a guest poet from India and he really delivered praise deserving content.

It was late in night and thus I reached home with an acquaintance who lives next to my lane on motorbike.

After so many days of dispersed thoughts, this night came to me as memorable one.

I'll try uploading the video of Hasan Zafar delivering his poetry and embed it to my post as soon as I get it.